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10 Reasons Not to Give Animals Rights

by: Owen Gunden


tags: animal rights, vegan

Imagine that it's before the abolition of slavery, and you are a normal person. One day, you wake up and realize that slavery is immoral. You begin to see everything differently. You feel compelled to speak out, but alas, nobody wants to hear what you have to say. When you raise the issue with others, they dismiss your concerns with one or more of the following 10 reasons.

The following 10 reasons not to abolish slavery are being used around the net by liberty proponents, towards the abolition of government. I found them also to be eerily similar to arguments opposing animal rights.

  1. It's natural.

  2. It's tradition.

  3. Everybody does it.

  4. It's for their own good.

  5. It's for their own survival.

  6. No really, it's better for them.

  7. Putting a stop to it would be too disruptive.

  8. They would run amuck.

  9. It's not practical.

  10. Focus on welfare, not abolition.

The only ethical position on animal rights is not to use their lives and bodies for our own pleasure, habit, fashion, financial gain, or any other reason. This is called living in alignment with our values, a.k.a. living a vegan lifestyle.

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